Heather Eiden RYT


Heather Eiden RYT

Yoga means ‘Union’ and interconnects the body, mind and spirit. My goal is that yoga becomes a practice and teaching method for holistic health. To heal in body and mind we must consider  the whole person. I have been practicing the art of yoga for 18 years. I feel it is a never ending process for growth and discovery of the true self. I have been blessed to have gifted yoga teachers and I wish to share these gifts with others.  A good yoga practice includes postures, flow of  sequences, breathing techniques and spiritual discipline. Yoga is an evolving art that helps to make sense of an ever changing life.


Feel Your Best Teacher Training

Milwaukee, WI.

2004 - 2005

Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance

Continuing Education

Himalayan Yoga and Meditation Society

Rishikesh, India - January 2010

Santosh Yoga School

Miwaukee, WI.

Workshops - theraputic and alignment based yoga

Yoga Journal Conference   - 2 day intensive training

Lake Geneva, WI.                 2002, 2008, 2009

Yoga Kids Teacher Training

Milwaukee, WI. - July 2010

Official Yoga Kids Tools for Schools Teacher

Specialty Classes:

Prenatal yoga - guided imagery, breathing techniques, modifications in basic poses, safe sequences

Yoga for  Alignment - hands-on adjustments, alignment for specific body types, use of props

Beginner’s Mind yoga - centering, entering, refining and modifying a pose, basic poses only, breath work

Yoga for Mindfulness - senior movement, gentle and restorative, wall and chairs as props, mindful breath

Yoga for Kids -  games, partner poses, balance poses for concentration, creative visualization

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