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Angela Hall D.C.

Angela Hall has over twenty years of experience as a doctor of chiropractic. Her practice goes beyond traditional chiropractic care with a focus on overall wellbeing. Her spinal adjustment style is very gentle with a focus on massage and stretching.

In 2000, Angela established Solcare in Glendale, Wisconsin. Solcare was created to give people the opportunity to experience new ways to improve their health.

She encourages clients to maintain a healthy lifestyle and enjoys working with all types of people to help them make positive changes in their day-to-day routine so the quality of their life improves. Knowing that finding time each day to fit in all is a challenge, she encourages her clients to make small slow changes that over time creates the change needed.

Angela graduated Magna Cum Laude from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 1988. Since 1995, she has been certified and recognized as a Chiropractic Rehabilitation Doctor. In 2005, Angela received training in Low Level Laser Therapy with Jeff Spencer D.C. Since 2009 she has been certified in Advance Laserology.

Angela has integrated the use of the laser into her Chiropractic treatments and has been impressed by the results. She has found that her patients experience relief from pain and discomfort sooner with laser therapy incorporated into their chiropractic treatments than without.

When Angela isn’t at Solcare, she enjoys yoga, biking, swimming and she’s even starting to enjoy running.

In the last ten years, Angela completed 75 Sprint distance triathlons, 2 Olympic distance tiathlons, 3 marathons.

Certified as a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach since 2012.

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